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Hi, I'm Steve!

a seasoned tennis coach, mentor, and now, your guide. Let me share a quote that has become my mantra: "Failure we can do alone. Success always takes help." - Simon Sinek. You might ask, why does this resonate with me? Let's start from the beginning.

When I stepped onto the tennis court as a child, I instantly felt a spark of passion. The energy, strategy, and thrill of the game enthralled me. Tennis became more than just a sport; it was my calling. But pursuing a dream isn't always a straight path, and my journey had its fair share of twists and turns.

I was ambitious. Determined to produce champion players, determined to build a successful tennis coaching business. Yet, there were times when dreams seemed to slip through my fingers. Wins turned into losses, my coaching methods weren’t yielding the desired results, my business was struggling, and doubts started to creep in.

It was during these challenging times that I realized the value of community and mentorship. The support I received from peers, mentors, and players shone a light on my path, turning my failures into lessons, and my dreams back into possibilities. They were the 'help' in my story of success.

This experience sparked my 'why' - Coach Education. I made it my mission to empower others in the tennis community with the knowledge and tools they needed to succeed, making sure no one has to face their struggles alone.

My Tennis Coaching was born out of this mission. It's a platform to share knowledge, experiences, and lessons with tennis coaches, players, and parents. Here, we learn together. We turn failures into stepping stones, and we celebrate every success.

So come on, let's journey together. Because in the face of challenges, remember: 'Failure we can do alone. Success always takes help.' And I’m here to help you succeed.

Keep learning, keep growing,


Steve Whelan, My Tennis Coaching with a group of tennis coaches at David Lloyd Enfield during a LTA Instructor Course
Steve Whelan, My Tennis Coach with a group of LTA Tennis Assistants at David Lloyd Heston

Steve is a great tutor and makes the learning fun. I was very surprised, pleasantly, by how much of the basics has become second nature over the years of playing tennis and this course has taken me back to understanding the basic principles and how to best implement them in younger players. - Adelle, LTA Assistant

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A group of tennis coaches in ready postions at a LTA Level 1 at David Lloyd Hatfield

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