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9 Best Tennis Racquets For Players Who Want a Powerfully Balanced Swing

Updated: Sep 3

These racquets are designed to improve your game in several different ways, and they come at various price points so that you can find the perfect one for your playing style.

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The 9 Best Tennis Racquets of 2022

Tennis racquets are a significant investment, and in choosing the right one for your playing style. Is important. To help you make an informed decision, we've put together a list of the nine best tennis racquets of 2022. Each one is designed to provide a powerfully balanced swing, so you can take your game to the next level. Ready to buy? Let's get started!

Wilson Pro Staff

What Wilson Say: A lighter version of Roger Federer`s updated weapon of choice, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 has a new and improved look to go with the latest iteration of the Pro Staff series. The cosmetics are different at the request of Roger himself as he wanted his racquet to look unique. Many tour players use the Pro Staff line, however, only Roger uses the RF97.

It`s a great option for those who want the added pop, forgiveness and spin potential of Federer`s RF 97 Autograph, but aren`t interested in the 12.5-ounce strung weight. That said, the Pro Staff 97 is still a solid frame, weighing in at 11.6 ounces strung. The 9-point headlight balance adds manoeuvrability, while the braided graphite and kevlar construction allows for exceptional touch and playability. Like all of the new Pro Staff models, Wilson classifies the 97 in their `Attacker Player` segment, making it perfect for players seeking a feel-oriented racquet.

Steve - I like this racket, it looks amazing with a clean black matte paint job. I struggled to get the same level of feel and control as compared to Pure Drive. A classic racket from a legendary brand. Skill level wise this is an advanced player racket.

Babolat Pure Aero

What Babolat Say: The PURE AERO range of rackets come with an aerodynamic beam and are ideal for players looking to add vicious spin and power to their game. The standard Pure Aero is a classic 300g in weight with 100 sq in head. This makes it ideal for intermediate and advanced players alike.

The frame is surprisingly thick considering it is a player's frame, but as it is aimed squarely at players who like to hit loads of top spin, this racket almost helps you to hit topspin with its weighting and aerodynamic shape. The lighter options in this range are the Pure Aero Team and the Lite and even a super lite. If you are a real pro player, you will like the Pure Aero Tour with its tour 315g weight or the Pure Aero VS with its thinner beam, smaller head size and less stiffness preferred by better players.

For those with a double-handed backhand, there is even a +plus version which is half an inch long with a longer grip handle.

The Pure Aero was specifically designed with input from Rafa to give it that aerodynamic shape which helps to go through the air really quickly for those massive forehands and powerful backhand passing shots.

Steve - I still remember seeing the first ever Pure Aero many years ago, back then it was rare to see such a bright yellow on a racket. This is now obviously an iconic racquet thanks to Mr Rafael Nadal. I didn't really like it, it felt stiff and I struggled to feel with this frame. It looks amazing but it wasn't for me in terms of my game style. This may suit players who like a stiffer frame and just want lots of topspin on the tennis ball. If you are a beginner this is not the racquet for you.

Head Speed Pro

What Head Say: Recommended by Novak Djokovic, the Speed rackets have undergone serious updates inside and out: in addition to a completely new design, the silo now features the new Graphene 360+ technology that allows player to truly maximize the power of their game.

The Speed racket series scores big on the inside with a new frame entirely engineered towards speed and stable power and the new Graphene 360+ technology. Strategically positioned in the head as well as the shaft of the racket, it strengthens the frame, thus providing greater stability and optimised energy transfer for more power.

Steve - I loved using this racket, the feel and control were amazing! I felt I could put the ball anywhere I wanted with minimal effort. Great frame for baseliners! I loved hitting forehands and backhand groundstrokes with this racquet. This may be suited to a beginner who wants an advanced racket that has more feel and control than other rackets on this list.

Babolat Pure Strike

The Pure Strike racket has been crafted for a perfect balance of power and precision, using feedback from thousands of players worldwide including professionals like Dominic Thiem. Symbolising the modern tennis player and having amassed a huge fan following with his clinical style of play, fans of Thiem will not want to miss out on the Pure Strike.

The latest, 3rd generation Pure Strike takes the range's control and feels with the addition of Control Frame Technology and C2 Pure Feel for clean strikes and crisp shots from all areas of the court.

The word from Babolat insiders is that Theim is really committed to breaking into the Nadal/ Federer/ Djokovic dominance of the majors. Taking an active part in the new design is all part of a determination to achieve that.

Steve - If you want to increase your power this racquet is the one for you, a stiff frame that packs a punch!

Yonex Ezone 98

What Yonex Say- Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC™ design increases the sweet spot by 7%*.

Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings.

ISOMETRIC™ technology delivers greater control without sacrificing power.

For intermediate to advanced players looking to dominate with controllable power and comfort.

Wilson Clash

What Wilson Says - The hero model of the groundbreaking and immensely popular Clash line, the Clash 100 v2 slightly revises the recipe for more consistency, more sustainability and a more killer design. An immediate appeal for its blend of flexibility and stability for a feeling unlike any other, this racket elevates playability thanks to a revised construction at the tip of the hoop that significantly enlarges the sweet spot.

Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommets and end caps incorporate sustainable components for a reduced footprint on the environment. An embossed Clash logo on the throat completes a racket that pairs dynamic looks with even more dynamic performance.

Steve - The best new generation Wilson racquet around, I enjoyed hitting with this racquet, I'm not sure about the red being an Everton fan, however. I love the ego-friendly angle and Wilson is ahead of the curve with this idea.

Technifibre Tfight

What Technifibre say - Tecnifibre T-Fight tennis rackets are designed for control. They have a rectangular shaft and a traditional oval head shape. The heavier versions have a mid-sized head and a tour-prepared handle for an extra feel. In our opinion, these are some of the best "traditional feel" heavier, thin beamed control rackets that you buy today. The latest range features an updated cosmetic which incorporates bold colours into the sleek finish.

Steve - my racket for the past two years, as close as you can get to a Babolat Pure Drive, that's not a Babolat Pure Drive. A perfect balance of power and control. I have loved playing with this racket for the past few years.

Wilson Blade

Reputable for its unique Spin Effect string pattern, the Blade evolves its design and layup to amplify the wow factor with every swing. First, the design: thanks to an incredibly fascinating colour-shifting elastic finish, this racket is able to morph between shades of green and copper depending on how the sun reflects. Second, the technology: FORTYFIVE° and DirectConnect team up to produce increased flexibility and stability for an enhanced connected-to-the-ball feel.

Perfect for players flashing the modern, vertical swing path common in today’s competitive landscape, the Blade should be the racket of choice for anyone seeking supreme feel and appealing design with easy access to spin.

Steve - A nice all round racket, didn't pack as much power as the pro staff but did like the colour.

Babolat Pure Drive - Top Pick and Best Racket

What Babolat say: Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

The 2021 Babolat Pure Drive is the "best of all worlds", as it is the perfect combination of power, speed, and spin. This 10-generation model has amazing balance, along with beautiful cosmetics, making this high-performance tennis racquet frame one of the most ubiquitous player's sticks around - you see them *everywhere* - and for very good reason.

In the hands of the intermediate to advanced player, the Pure Drive's 11.2-ounce weight has enough "plough-through" on volleys, serves, and baseline shots - so when striking the ball off-centre (good thing we never do that...) - there's still a predictable trajectory. The 100 square inch head,16x19 spin-friendly string pattern, and 4-point head light balance lend themselves to competent baseliners looking for an extra spin on their penetrating shots, which keep their opponents pinned behind the baseline.

Steve - This has been my racket of choice since 2009, despite a few years away with some other racket suppliers I have always come back to the Babolat Pure Drive. A great racket for both generating power and maintaining control, to me this is the best Tennis racquet on the market in 2022. This racket is perfect for the intermediate player.

Conclusion on the Best Tennis Racket

The Player's main goal is to hit the ball as hard and as far as possible - a powerfully balanced swing is essential for achieving this. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best tennis racquets of 2022, all of which feature a powerfully balanced swing.

Winner - Babolat Pure Drive

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