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9 Guaranteed ways Tennis Coaches can make More Money

Updated: Sep 3

So you’ve been trying to make a full-time living being a Tennis Coach for a while now.

You see others do it. And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy.

But for some reason, success keeps eluding you. Every time you get to being financially secure, something happens, and you end up back where you started.

Not this time.

Because this time, you will be armed with the same tips, tricks and secrets that the full-time Tennis Coaches know. So give these tips on making more money a try and see if they don’t work for you too…

Tip 1: Link up with a Tennis Retailer

The most significant income source comes through retail: the sale of racquets, bags, shoes and tennis accessories.

I partnered with a big tennis brand and found a local retail shop to work with. The partnership with Babolat significantly boosted us, both in the brand association and when they greatly influenced junior players.

The partnership with the local shop was straightforward we would purchase equipment from the shop at a discount (30% off RRP) and sell the products directly to our players. A top-of-the-range racket, in some cases, would provide £50-60 per sale.

I currently have a partnership with Tennis-Point and offer my players (and you right now the unique code to get an additional 5% off) - That's 5% off even current on sales products, sometimes 70% off!

Tip 2: Sell Merchandise

Branded t-shirts, hoodies and accessories were a significant part of our retail.

I produced our clothing which we sold to our players directly.

I partnered with a local printer who provided the stock and made the merchandise competitive in exchange for sponsorship space.

Tip 3: Amazon

Amazon Associates provided income by merely posting links to tennis-related products on our website / social media. We set up an associated account; therefore, every sale generated via my link produced income.

Check out our Amazon Page Here (I will get a commission on any sales - Thank You for supporting the blog)

Tip 4: Get Sponsors

Local businesses love partnerships and a sense of helping each other—if the club is situated in a village with a prominent high street and many independent companies, you are in luck.

I linked up with each of these businesses, offering sponsorship of events, awards and court banners in exchange for money.

I had several sponsorship packages from £10 to advertise at an event, such as a tournament, up to £1000 to sponsor the coaches' kit. In just one year, I generated £3000 through sponsorship alone.

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Tip 5: Food & Drink

Parents love the convenience, and if you can provide things for them, they will happily pay. I have offered a ‘tuck shop’ and packed lunch options for things like holiday camps. A simple wholesaler membership generated more income per day than actual camp income.

Please check local laws and food safety information before providing food service.

Tip 6: Stringing

You can even set up a stinging business yourself, or in the past, I linked up with a local stinger who paid me a commission based on racquets I brought to them. I networked with several clubs and picked up / dropped off rackets across six venues.

Stinging can be very time-consuming but also very profitable!

Tip 7: Membership Referrals

An easy income source was a membership referral agreement with my club. When a new member joined the club via the coaching programme, I received a percentage of their annual membership fee. My business gained an income boost every March / April. In terms of rate, we always insist on 10%.

Tip 8: Tournaments

Tournaments generate income two-fold. Firstly you gain revenue for the event, but your players usually want to practice more leading up to the event. The great thing about tournaments is you can hire someone to run the event for you while you conduct your lessons. I would host events every weekend, hiring an LTA referee to run the tournaments while carrying out my regular coaching duties.

Tip 9: Video Analysis

The majority of Tennis Players want technical feedback or guidance on how to improve. Even though sometimes having too much information harms a player's development (See my blog post here). Watching yourself play has a massive benefit for visual learning. You can offer video analysis as a bonus or extra to your coaching. I use dartfish to provide video analysis to my players and players worldwide.

You can check out my video analysis packages here, for example.

In sum: generating more income is relatively simple when you apply the above nine tips. So let me leave you with one last tip…

Subscribe to this blog for more weekly tips on tennis coaching and business.

So get to it – you’re going to be Glad you did!

Written by Steve Whelan

Steve has developed thousands of tennis players and tennis coaches over the past twenty years as a coach and educator.

Steve has over 20 million social media views in 2022 alone.

Read About Steve's amazing career here

Contact Steve direct at or

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