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5 Best Cheap Tennis Shoes

Updated: Sep 3

Tennis shoes are a vital part of your Tennis equipment but are often neglected. A good pair of tennis shoes will help your game. Your shoes will help you change direction, grip the court for balance and stop simple things such as blisters!

If you're new to tennis, it can be challenging to know what is a good shoe and what isn't; with various brands such as Babolat, Wilson and Adidas, the choice is overwhelming.

This list clears the clutter, avoids overspending, and I show you the 5 best cheap tennis shoes for both men and women.

You may also want to check out our Tennis Shoes FAQ at the bottom where we answer questions such as different types of court shoes, sizes and if you have wide feet etc

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5 Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - Men

1. ASICS Gel Dedicate 7 – Best Cheap Tennis Shoes Asics - RRP £65.00 - TOP PICK

What Asics Say- 'The GEL-DEDICATE™ 7 tennis shoe offers good stability and a flexible feel to keep your mind centred during the match. This shoe's upper is constructed with synthetic leather materials to improve support. They keep your feet locked in when you're switching directions and chasing down challenging shots.

A TRUSSTIC™ support unit and wrap-up outsole improve stability while allowing your feet to move freely. This lets you change directions more confidently, particularly if you move side-to-side.

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2. Adidas Courtjam Bounce – Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £69.95


Take on all challengers. These Adidas tennis shoes feature a breathable mesh upper that keeps your feet comfortable from the opening serve to match point. Step into every shot in comfort. Show off your footwork as you keep rallies alive. This is a great cheaper version than the classic Adidas Barricade.

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3. Nike Court Vision Low – Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £69.95

What Nike Say - In love with the classic look of '80s Tennis but have a thing for the fast-paced culture of today's game? Meet the Nike Court Vision Low. A classic remixed with at least 20% recycled materials by weight, its crisp upper and stitched overlays keep the soul of the original style. The plush, low-cut collar keeps it sleek and comfortable for your world.

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4. Adidas Men's Courtsmash Tennis Shoes - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £64.99

What Adidas Say - These Adidas Courtsmash Men's Tennis Shoes have been crafted with a foam midsole which cushions each time your feet land, whilst the textured rubber outsole ensures you get the traction needed to succeed and the Adidas branding completes the stylish on-court look.

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5. K-Swiss Men’s Court Express Tennis Shoes – Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £69.99

What K-Swiss Say - The Court Express HB is a great shoe for the player who is aiming for on-court comfort and support at an affordable price. The Court Express is the perfect option for a frequent player looking for price value and for those who are just the sport or playing part-time. The sole of the shoe is provided with an HB sole which copes well on gravel surfaces, and artificial grass and smashes courts, especially with a herringbone pattern to provide maximum grip on the court.

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5 Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - Women

1. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £75.00

What K-Swiss Say - K-Swiss best-selling shoe, the Hypercourt Express 2, is light, comfortable, breathable, and has a generous fit, making it the ideal choice for a variety of playing styles and levels. Durawrap Flex, gives the shoe support with no break-in period, while Surgelite midsole technology provides all-day comfort. The shoe also features a deep grooved herringbone outsole for exceptional traction on clay court surfaces.

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2. Asics Gel Dedicate 7 - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £80.00 - BEST TENNIS SHOE

What Asics Say - The GEL-DEDICATE™ 7 tennis shoe offers good stability and a flexible feel to keep your mind centred during the match. This shoe's upper is constructed with synthetic leather materials to improve support. They keep your feet locked in when you're switching directions and chasing down challenging shots.

A TRUSSTIC™ support unit and wrap-up outsole improve stability while allowing your feet to move freely. This lets you change directions more confidently, particularly if you're moving side-to-side.

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3. Adidas GameCourt - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £55.00 - TOP PICK FOR RECREATIONAL PLAYER.


Stay confident through every game, set and match. A lightweight mesh upper and padded heel make these Adidas Gamecourt 2.0 shoes your perfect tennis partner. The full EVA midsole keeps you comfortable and connected to the court. An Adiwear outsole ensures game-changing traction on hard courts without sacrificing durability.

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4. Asics Gel Court Speed - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £80.00

What Asics Say - To really deliver on the court, you need agility, speed and a solid grip underfoot. Look no further than the ASICS GEL-COURT SPEED tennis shoes for women. ASICS GEL technology on both the rearfoot and forefoot areas cushions landing, while the Impact Guidance System (IGS) absorbs shock and guides the foot through its natural gait during propulsion and toe-off, to give you the best grip possible while helping to avoid injury.

This shoe also offers durability, thanks to our unique AHAR outsole. Sturdy yet flexible, the GEL-COURT SPEED features a DuoMax support system and a Trusstic system for support across the midfoot area.

As for comfort, the personal heel fit (P.H.F.) engineering allows the shoe to mould to the shape of your foot. The result? A better fit every time, ensuring that each game is better than the last.

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5. Prince T-22.5 - Best Cheap Tennis Shoes - RRP £100.00

What Prince Say - A favourite for many years has been redesigned but maintains the same great durable performance. The Prince T22.5 Shoe now features a new breathable upper that is more flexible but doesn't compromise on support. The EVA Midsole features Prince's Shockeraser Heel Insert to attenuate through your steps. The T22.5 outsole is made of PRC 1000 Durable Rubber that features a herringbone tread pattern so you can take these shoes on any court surface with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special shoes for Tennis?

Not necessarily. In fact, most tennis shoes are designed for both walking and running. However, if you plan on playing competitively or regularly hitting the ball against a wall or other object, you may want to invest in specialized shoes that offer better traction and stability.

Additionally, some people find it helpful to wear socks when playing tennis because this can help reduce friction over the foot area and promote more comfortable movement.

If you're just starting out or have limited experience with Tennis, then it is advised that you stick to wearing normal sneakers instead of specialised shoes until your feet get used to the sport.

How to Choose the correct Tennis Shoe?

When choosing a tennis shoe, it is important to take into account your specific needs. You should determine the type of surface that you will be playing on (hard courts, clay courts, grass) as well as what type of game you play. Additionally, you need to consider how often you plan on playing and what size-sized shoe best fits your foot.

Once all of these factors are determined, online retailers like Amazon offer detailed product descriptions that provide real-time sizing information and reviews from other customers. Once you have found the perfect pair of shoes for your unique needs, make sure to store them properly in a dry environment so they last longer.

How much should I spend on Tennis Shoes?

When it comes to tennis shoes, the sky is the limit! However, you don't have to break the bank in order to get a good pair. In fact, many of the best pairs of tennis shoes can be found for under £100.

That being said, make sure that your chosen shoe fits well and provides enough support and cushioning. Additionally, consider how often you plan on using them (playing weekly or monthly tournaments), what kind of terrain you'll be playing on (clay courts vs hardcourts), and whether or not you will be wearing sports socks with them.

Also important: evaluate your feet regularly after buying a new pair of tennis shoes in order to avoid developing foot problems down the road. By doing this simple routine every six months or so when purchasing new footwear, you're guaranteed long-term success while playing Tennis!

I play on a hard court, what shoes should I buy?

When selecting tennis shoes for hard court play, the type of surface is important to consider. Tennis shoes that are designed for clay courts will not work well on a harder surface like concrete or asphalt, and vice versa.

When it comes to size, you also need to take into account how thick the playing surface is. If the area is thin and there isn't much space between your feet and the ground, then a wider shoe might be better suited. However, if there's more room available so that your foot doesn't hit each spot equally often, then a narrower shoe may be necessary in order to give you an advantage over your opponent.

How to Choose Tennis Shoe Size

Tennis shoes are an important part of any tennis player's equipment, and choosing the right size is essential for optimal performance. To find your correct size, measure your feet in inches while wearing socks and wrap a piece of cloth around the base of your foot. Please note that if you wear prosthetic devices, please ask a doctor before measuring your feet.

Can Women wear Men's tennis shoes and vice versa?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the shoe and the wearer's individual foot size. However, generally speaking, if a woman wears men's tennis shoes they will likely need to go up one-half size in order to accommodate for any widening of the feet due to increased width in the calf muscles. It is also important to be wary of wearing tennis shoes that are too tight as this can cause further damage and discomfort.


Tennis shoes will make a difference on the Tennis court, not only will they help you stay on your feet, and support your body through twists and turns but will also improve your on-court style. The Tennis shoes in this list are in the lower price range without going too cheap! They will still provide you with a good comfort level and not affect performance.

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