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The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet (2023)

Updated: Sep 3

The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet blog by My Tennis Coaching

An example of Flat Feet in Tennis

Learning to play Tennis or understand the different types of tennis shots is just half the battle. You also need the right tennis gear. Tennis is a dynamic sport that requires speed and agility to play the game well, but what if you suffer from flat feet or plantar fasciitis?

Can you still enjoy the game of Tennis?

An example Flat Feet In Tennis . This player has high arches

Flat feet or 'low arches or fallen arches' is a common condition among tennis players and nothing to worry about. But what is a flat foot, and can you buy tennis shoes that will help?

Let's find out in this article, starting right now.

You may wish to use our quick link guide below for the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

  • What are Flat Feet?

  • How can they affect your tennis game?

  • What to look for when choosing shoes

  • The Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

  • The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet Final Thoughts

  • What to Read Next

  • My Tennis Coach

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet: What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet or fallen arches are when your feet lie flat against the ground, it's pretty standard, and usually, you don't require any assistance even when playing sport. Flat feet are sometimes caused by genetics and run in families. According to the NHS in England,

Rarely, flat feet may be caused by:

  • the bones in the feet not growing properly in the womb

  • stretching of the tissues in your feet (possibly as a result of things like an injury, getting older or being overweight)

  • conditions affecting the muscles, nerves or joints in the whole body, like cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

You can check out the page here for treatments for flat feet if they do cause you issues.

Best tennis Shoes for Flat Feet: How can they affect your Tennis?

The good news is that having flat feet does not mean you can't enjoy a game of Tennis. Many professional sports players across many sports have flat feet; for many players, flat feet are standard and don't require any treatment.

The bad news, however, as they can cause issues and some unwanted symptoms. A high arch acts like a shock absorber for your body. When running, stopping suddenly and changing direction, the hook will flex and roll, allowing the impact to be distributed across a wider region of the foot. This, in turn, will reduce the strain on the muscles, bones and joints throughout the lower body.

Flat feet, on the other hand, tend to over rolling, which increases the stress, pressure and strain on the foot and ankle.

This could lead to the following:

  • Heel pain

  • Muscle spasms

  • Fatigue throughout the foot, arches, and legs

  • Ankle weakness

  • Shin splints

  • Knee, hip, and back pain

There’s also the potential that flat feet can have an impact on overall tennis performance. Tennis does require exceptional balance, speed, agility, and the ability to change directions quickly. While these skills aren’t necessarily impossible to perform at a high level with flat feet, their potential may be somewhat limited due to the extra work your body must perform to overcome the biomechanical inefficiency.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet - How to pick the right shoes

Your choice of shoes is critical, and You should look for tennis shoes with extra stability, motion control and arch support. The right pair of tennis shoes for flat feet can help you overcome all the adverse side effects we have listed above. There is lots of technology out there today with gel cushioning, heel cup support, and EVA midsole to assist, but what makes good tennis shoes?

You may also consider getting custom orthotic inserts, so you need to ensure that the shoes have the option of changing the insole.

The Best Shoes for Flat Feet - My Top 5 Picks

I have researched and checked out the top reviews, so you don't have to. It was alarming a lot of other blogs had tennis shoes listed, but they were the best running shoes! You must ensure they are tennis shoes and keep to tennis-specific brands, and you will be fine. Running shoes are not great for moving around the tennis court, and they are designed for long runs but generally not for quick direction changes or deceleration at high speeds.

Your best walking shoes are also a no go!

So what are the best tennis shoes for flat feet?

Asics Gel-Challenger 12 - Great additional Support

Asics are quickly growing in popularity in Tennis, and I would say most of my performance players are now wearing Asics. A familiar brand for flat-footed runners due to the high arches and breathable mesh upper shoe, Asics have taken their supportive shoes and designed Tennis versions.

ASICS Tennis Shoes For flat feet

The Solyte midsole provides extra support to the foot's arch and will help reduce foot pain and increase support via its gel technology in the shoe's front and back sections, which will help with your lateral movement.

What Asics Say: Take to the court in style with the men's GEL-CHALLENGER™ 12 tennis shoe by ASICS. The shoe features under-laying support for recreational players to help you dart from baseline to net and perform those skilled serves readily.

The SOLYTE™ midsole provides lightweight cushioning with excellent bounce-back and durability, while the AHARPLUS™ outsole helps reduce the effects of wear. The GEL™ technology provides under-laying support in the fore and rearfoot to increase stability when making quick, lateral movements.

TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ technology increases grip and traction to prevent twisting and injury as you move, while the removable ORTHOLITE™ sock liner provides added rebound and effective moisture management.

With a bold design, the GEL-CHALLENGER™ 12 shoe will add colour to your tennis whites and make sure you stand out on the court.

Check Them Out:



K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoes - Great for different foot types

K-Swiss Tennis Shoes for flat feet

K-Swiss has always been a popular Tennis shoe, their big but sometimes bulky look is instant brand recognition. The shoes are always suitable for wide feet with a wide-toe box. I struggled with an ingrown toenail for a stage, and these shoes were a godsend to take some pressure off my toes. I always found that K-Swiss shoes had a roomy toe box and suited a wider foot shape than my narrow feet. I was able to place my removable insoles with no issues, so these could be good shoes if you have wider feet.

Extra arch support comes with most tennis shoes, and these are the best option if you play on multiple court surfaces but only want one pair of tennis shoes.

What K-Swiss Say: Built for the player whose values tour level technologies in a very playable platform. Engineered to provide excellent on-court performance without all the cost. Great shoe for players who are developing their game and their footwork. The Omni version has a unique outsole designed to handle multiple court surfaces.

Check Them Out:



Babolat Jet Tennis Shoe - Best Overall Shoes

Babolat has invested heavily in their shoes over the past few years, and the initial shoes were big, heavy and not very pretty. The new generation of shoes is lighter, great to look at and has been my go-to shoe for years.

Babolat Jet Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

The JET shoes are lighter than the flagship Propulse shoe, and these are the most comfortable shoes on this list by a million miles. Thanks to the Michelin rubber outsole, good arch support and a sole that will last a long time.

These are an excellent choice if you like running shoes, as they are light but don't lack the extra cushioning required with flat feet.

What Babolat say: With the new Jet Mach 3, we have taken the recipe for our bestseller to a new level. Still designed to give you maximum precision and freedom in all your movements, the Jet Mach III provides even more lightness, comfort and stability with the latest development in Matryx® technology. Its Michelin sole has been redesigned to be ready for each sudden start and stop while guaranteeing optimal durability.

Check Them Out:



Adidas Barricade - Excellent Traction

Adidas Tennis Shoes for flat feet

At one point, this was the Tennis Shoe of a generation! Everyone had a pair of Adidas Barricade, and these high-stability shoes offer excellent support when moving around the hard courts, clay courts and even the green grass of Wimbledon. Like the previous versions, the new shoe provides superior traction with its high-quality rubber sole.

The bounce midsole offers excellent cushioning, and the lacing system supports the entire foot and is the best solution if you're looking for firm support.

What Adidas say: Show your colours. Worn by Adidas athletes at the southern hemisphere's premier tournament, these tennis shoes are part of a vibrant collection highlighting the consequences of climate change. Their intuitive lacing system combines with gap-filling heel Sensepods to help you feel at one with your footwear. Underneath, a cushioned Bounce midsole and TPU midfoot shank add comfort and stability.

Check Them Out:




Babolat Propulse - My Shoe - Great Support

Babolat Tennis Shoes for flat feet

My current shoe of choice, and I love them. This a great pair of shoes if you are looking for excellent support with high-quality arch area support and built-in double straps. What made me pick this particular pair of shoes? The support is vital for me. I have rolled and sprained my ankle multiple times and have fragile ankles these days. The excellent arch support has also reduced my heel pain, and I can install my custom orthotics.

What Babolat say: You need to hit the ball early to attack or defend even from a difficult angle... because comfort, stability and, above all, a feeling of safety at all times are essential to your choice. We have developed the Propulse Blast. It has lots of reinforcements for increased durability. With its double built-in lateral straps, it provides you with optimal stability. Its knitted mesh on the forefoot best responds to the need for comfort. Finally, dare shots you’ve never tried before.

Check Them Out:



The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet Final Thoughts

The great news is that most tennis shoes are designed to support the arch of the foot and heel and allow dynamic movement around the court. The five shoes I have listed in this blog are the best and will give you the highest quality level of assistance. You must be careful reading other lists on the internet or telling your local sports store employee there are so many running shoes on these lists.

The lists and the in-store staff are not tennis experts; they want to make a sale. On the other hand, I have been a tennis coach and educator for over twenty years, I have worn all the shoes on this list, and I've had multiple foot-related injuries, and I speak from experience.

You may want to consider my overall thoughts on each shoe or go for whatever looks the best on your feet! Fashion is quite crucial in Tennis, or so I am told.

My List - Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

  1. Babolat JET - Best Overall Shoe

  2. Babolat Propule - Great Support

  3. Asics Gel-Challenger 12 - Great additional Support

  4. Adidas Barricade - Excellent Traction

  5. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoes - Great for different foot types

If you select a pair, tag me on social media @mytenniscoaching and show me your new shoes! It would be great to hear your thoughts on the shoes to help me with future blogs.

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