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SwingVision Review: 5 Ways it can Improve Your Tennis

Updated: Sep 3

The SwingVision app may revolutionise the way you see your tennis game. I have used SwingVison now for two years for my Tennis video analysis.No more arguing over bad line calls this app does it all from shot placement, shot speed and how many flat forehands you have hit, the artificial intelligence or a.i. experts who designed this app have you covered.

SwingVision AI is an innovative app designed for tennis players of any level who are looking to make the most of their training and improve their overall game. Tennis Coaches can use it to accurately assess and monitor player performance on both the practice and match court.

The AI app works across several Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, with various original features. Former professional players Andy Roddick and James Blake were quickly added to the backers of the mobile app that has gone onto feature in the apple keynote presentation.

If you've ever played tennis with an individual who claims they are 'good at hitting the ball', you'll know that it's just a load of rotating lies as this app can thack the rpm of those shots. .

The great thing about SwingVision App is it just gives you cold hard facts!

You can check it out for free with a 30 day trial and $20 discount by clicking this link.

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  • SwingVision App: Pros

  • SwingVision App: Cons

  • SwingVision App: The Final Score

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SwingVision App: First Impressions

The Swingvision App is quick to download and install with a few clicks, enter your details, and with a single tap, you're ready to start filming. The App is very well laid out and easy to navigate. When you load up a new screen, it will give you a quick tutorial.

As a professional tennis coach, I use video daily in my work. The power of video and, in the case of Swingvision, the incredible use of ai and tennis analytics takes away the guesswork and option element of coaching. I can quickly back up my teaching with match stats facts both in the form of video in both slow motion and real-time to help my players see and feel what decisions they have made. This great app also provides me with type of shot my player hot, heatmaps, highlight packages, and so much more.

It truly is a tennis coach's dream to enhance practice matches or hitting sessions. I was using the Swingvision pro version which does come with a price point of $149.99 per year. You can enjoy a free 30-day trial and save $20 dollars by using this link.

It's straightforward to set up, too; take a look.

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Swingvision App: In Action

I used Swingvision recently in my County Training. I wanted to use the app to showcase to my player her serve. By filming a match, I could quickly pull up a number of her serves to watch. These are accurate serves under actual match conditions, and I can soon highlight several serves in a matter of seconds. No video editing is needed at all! The AI did all the hard work and left me to coach.

I could very quickly produce specific highlight reels without going through hours of shot or plays. Swing Vision and its swing tracker quickly identify what shot you are playing. I filmed for over two hours and it did not affect my iPhone 14 Pro battery life at all. I could also share pro-quality match highlights with my team straight away with a share function.

I have also used my iPad pro but did struggle with the iPad camera not picking up the full width of the court, this required me to buy an additional lens to stick over the top.

All the videos can be stored on your device but the handy app included cloud storage equivalent.

This is the go-to tennis workout tracker and app of tennis Australia and you can see why. The use of swingvision has really enhanced my lessons and players' experience mainly with the real-time shot-tracking elements.

SwingVision App: Pros and Cons

I will break down the Pros and Cons of SwingVision, and I am not a partner or affiliate of Swingvision. The review is honest and upfront. There are links to a trial on this page, but I do not get any monetary reward from the links.

SwingVision App: Pros

Time - Swingvison is so quick once you record and upload the clips. The AI gets to work so quick. Once it's all formatted, you can use a wide range of filters to quickly access things like longest rallies, forehands only, shortest rallies etc. This match tagging could take hours on other software systems such as Dartfish. The fact takes so little time is an excellent feature.

Heat Map - A great feature is the real-time heatmap overlay on the video. You can see the ball position of each shot on-screen during playback. This is powerful when showing players the impact or cause and effect their shots have on the outcome of the point. Check out the heat map in action below it's kind of scary accurate shot tracking has become on a modern smartphone.

  • Data - The App provides lots of data, speed, spin, percentage of shots in, and so many more. This is great for building up an accurate player profile. What images does your player hit the most, and where are most of the errors coming from? Stats do not lie and make player programming and goal setting more specific and accurate. The breakdown types of shots feature is some fantastic work, I can simply click forehand and it will show me every forehand my player has hit.

  • Constantly evolving - Since I've been using the app, they have introduced line calling and umpiring. If you have an apple watch, you can get a ping if the ball is out and track the score with a touch of the screen. The app is consistently improving both in terms of features and accuracy.

  • Cost - The cost may seem high for a yearly subscription at $149.99. But if you compare this to other software on the market and the masses amount of data you can get about your game, it's barely the cost of two tennis lessons with a coach. You can get a free version or a pay monthly version too.

But why not enjoy a FREE 30 day trial and $20 off with this link.

SwingVision App: Cons

Accuracy - This is something that is constantly improving, I must say. Sometimes the AI may miss a shot or inaccurately tag a shot. You can go in and manually fix the mistag, but if you have hours of footage, this can be pretty time-consuming. But the team at SwingVison is always looking to improve the AI tagging system. In the two years, I've seen considerable improvements in the accuracy of the AI, but mistakes still happen a couple of times.I have used this app now for a few years and from the raw app that had a few initial glitches, I can see the vast improvement, time, money and resources the team at Swingvision have invested.

Upload issues - A few times, my upload crashed during uploading, and the data and video became corrupt. This is frustrating as I have lost hours of footage. Again, over the past two years, this has become less frequent, and it's a lot easier. The only good thing is they are constantly working on fixing these types of issues. If you use swingvision you will appreciate how complex the technology is, therefore you give them some slack when it comes to a few issues every now and again.

Camera and additional equipment - To get the best out of the app, you need a good iPhone with a wide-angle lens to get in all the court. A fence mont is a lot more accurate than a tripod. The issue with a fence mount is you can't see if you have the camera set up unless you use screen mirroring on an Ipad. I don't own an Apple Watch, so unsure if you can check on the watch, but again I need to ensure I bring my Ipad to ensure the set-up is accurate.

But why not try it yourself with a FREE 30 day trial and $20 off with this link.

SwingVision: The Final Score

I have been a Tennis Coach and Tennis Coach Educator for over twenty years. This is the most helpful app/software I have ever used with players. The app is used every day with my players, and I use it remotely to help players around the world.

It's constantly evolving and improving, and I'm a fan.

Score 5 out of 5

You Can Enjoy a 30-DAY Trail and $20 off SwingVison via our link here

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