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How to Choose A Junior Tennis Racket (Tennis Racket Sizes Guide)

Updated: Sep 3

How to choose a junior tennis racket

Your child has started tennis lessons, and you want them to have their tennis racquet, and your old adult racquet is the same size as your child. You do a quick google search, and your hit multiple brands such as Wilson, Babolat and Head, but also multiple sizes, weights and head sizes.

Where do you even begin?

Let My Tennis Coaching help you choose the right junior racquet. A great racquet will enable your child to play tennis confidently and have more fun. Don't fall into the trap of thinking bigger is better! A larger head does not always mean a lot of power. Children's tennis racquets need to fit the stage of the player pathway the player is on (more on this later), be the appropriate grip size and handle the speed and weight of different tennis balls.

Let's get into it, starting right now.

Quick Links - How to Choose The Right Size Junior Tennis Racquet (Best Guide)

How to find the right size tennis racquet for your child?

The great thing about the current junior tennis programmes is they have modified junior rackets, balls and court sizes. As a good rule of thumb, I would recommend players under the age of 6 use a 17-inch tennis racquet. As they grow older, the sizes will increase. You can click on the links above or read the full blog to see the best tennis racquet for each age and stage.

Children, however, can grow at various times, and if you're in doubt, I recommend getting your child to grip their racquet and point the end of the racquet towards the ground. If the tennis racquet is almost touching the floor, it's the appropriate racquet size. If the racquet is touching the floor or is some distance, it's probably too big or small.

ITF Junior Tennis size Guide

Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors Ages 6 and Under - Blue Stage Tennis

What is blue tennis?

Young players will improve their core motor skills, such as agility, balance and coordination, via fun games learning how to play a simple version of the full game we all love. At this stage, the junior players will get the grips of handling a small tennis racquet, a large ball and a small court space with no net.

What balls do they use at Blue Stage Tennis?

A Special light 15cm ball is used at Blue Stage tennis.

What is the right size racket for Tots Tennis?

Children at the Blue Stage should be using a 17-inch tennis racket. This small head size and light racket are manageable for the younger players to swing and move through the air.

Recommended junior tennis racquets for Blue Stage Tennis

Babolat -

Wilson -

Head -

Best Value -

Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors Ages 8 and Under - Red Stage Tennis

What is Red Stage Tennis?

Red-stage tennis is for players aged 8 and under and is played on a smaller modified tennis court over a small 80cm net. The court is the same size as a quarter of a full tennis court and enables the children to serve, rally and play easily.

Mini Red Net

Throw Down Lines

What balls do they use at Red Stage Tennis?

A slower low compression ball that bounces 75% slower than a regular tennis ball is used. This is often a sponge for indoor venues or a felt ball for outdoor use.

Sponge Indoor Ball

Outdoor Red Felt Ball

What is the right size racket for Red Stage Tennis?

I recommend that players use a racquet between 19-21 inches which should allow the players to grow during the stage, which can last up to three years. You must use the correct length and not go too big too early. If the kid's tennis racket is too big, it will be challenging to swing as players at this stage are still developing their coordination skills.

Recommended kid's tennis racket for Red Stage Tennis?

If you're looking to buy some new Tennis shoes with your new tennis racquet, check out our list of the Best Cheap Tennis Shoes.

Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors Ages 9 and Under - Orange Stage Tennis

What is Orange stage tennis?

Orange-stage tennis players still use a smaller racquet, but the court has increased in size now to over a standard tennis net which will be lowered to 80cm. The court size is also reduced to 18m x 6.5m (you can use throw-down lines to mark out the area.

The players develop a better tactical awareness at this stage and will look to control space against their opponent and use more of their strengths, such as serve and forehand groundstrokes.

Throw Down Lines

What balls do they use at Orange Stage Tennis?

A slower low compression ball that bounces 50% slower than a regular tennis ball is used. This enables the players to hit roughly between their shoulder and waist, which is perfect for controlling the ball.

Orange Tennis balls

What is the right size racket for Orange Stage Tennis?

I recommend that players use a racquet at 23 inches. If you have a taller child, you may look at the next size up to 25 inches. The longer racquet will help the player generate enough speed and spin to cover the longer tennis court. The players have much-improved hand-eye coordination at this stage and can handle the increased length of the racquet.

Recommended kid's tennis racket for Orange Stage Tennis

Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors Ages 10 and Under - Green Stage Tennis

What is Green stage tennis?

Green-stage tennis is now played on a full-sized tennis court and is ideal for players aged nine or ten. The more significant court requires a more oversized racquet with an advanced player, even upgrading to a stiffer, more durable frame.

What balls do they use at Green Stage Tennis?

A slower low compression ball bounces 25% slower than a regular tennis ball.

Green Stage Tennis Ball

What is the right size racket for Green Stage Tennis?

At this stage of the player pathway, I would highly recommend a 25-inch racket, don't let go of a full-size tennis racquet. Many parents rush to get a full-sized tennis racquet believing it will generate more spin or power, but this is not the case. It usually just makes it more difficult as the weight of the racquet increases, and the composite of the racquet can also change, with some racquets being flexible and some being firmer.

Just stick to the average kid's sizes at this stage, and don't be afraid to use a 25-inch racket if your child is still growing. Just pick the right size racquet for your child and not think bigger means better.

If your child has played a lot of tennis, you may wish to invest in a more expensive racquet with a stiffer frame, such as graphite. This will help control the increased speed and spin an experienced junior player will generate. If your child is a beginner or plays just once a week, there is no real need to buy high-end racquets.

Recommended children’s tennis racquets for Green Stage Tennis

Experienced Players - Best Racquet for Green Stage Tennis Players

If you are a beginner player, check out our 5 pieces of tennis kit you need blog.

Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors Ages 11+ - Yellow Stage Tennis

What is Yellow Stage Tennis?

Yellow-stage tennis is the very same game we all love to watch being played at Wimbledon or the US Open.

What balls do they use at Yellow Stage Tennis?

A regular tennis ball is used at yellow stage tennis, be sure to use new balls and change them regularly. Old tennis balls can cause tennis elbow and can affect your game.

Yellow Tennis Balls

What is the right size racket for Yellow Tennis?

Players now use a full-sized tennis racquet and don't have to worry about different sizes. However, you must think about weight, grip sizes and string pattern. The good news I have you covered below.

What is the right grip size for my tennis racquet?

The grip sizes also change with full-size tennis racquets and will come between 1-5 in most major brands.

You must have the correct grip size, as this will affect your touch and feel when you play. You can find the right size by holding the racquet in an eastern forehand grip (shake hands with the racket handle). If you can fit your index finger from your non-hitting hand between your finger and plan, it's the right size. I play with a size down but boost my grip with an overgrip.

How to pick the correct weight for my Tennis Racquet?

Full-sized tennis racquets have different weights, between 150g - 350g. The racquet weight is measured without strings. The heavier the racquet, the more power, firmer it, and transmits less shock to the player. But equally, it's harder to move through the air, which could be a big issue for junior players. The lighter the racquet, the easier it is to move through the air, but it will be more flexible and won't generate any additional power like the firmer, heavier frame. I recommend starting light depending on how your child develops physically, and you can add weight through the years.

Recommended kid's tennis racket - Full Size Tennis Rackets

Recommended kids tennis racket - Advanced Players

Want more power? Check out my blog on the best tennis rackets for a balanced but powerful swing.

My Youth Tennis Drills
Take Your Tennis Lessons To The Next Level

Conclusion on Junior Tennis Racket Sizes for Juniors

Hopefully, you have now found the perfect tennis racquet for your child! The great news is most influential brands offer junior copies of the adult version, such as Roger Federer and Venus Williams. You must consider the size of younger children and use your child's height and skill level and, in general, ensure it's a lighter racket to help them on the court.

The game of tennis is not easy. If your children were to use a selection of full-size tennis rackets, they would struggle to swing them through the air, risk injury, and have little enjoyment.

If you want to take your game up, check out my top 5 tennis book recommendations here.

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