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Here’s Why I Love Tennis Video Analysis

Updated: Sep 3

Are you tired of not making any progress with your serve? Do you get frustrated every time you play? You seem to forget all the techniques you have been taught. If so, you will want to read every word of this article.


You see, I used to be just like you. I started playing Tennis about thirty-two years ago. But I wasn’t perfect! I kept making mistakes (even though I didn’t understand they were mistakes at the time).

I tried Tennis Private Lessons and Group lessons, but nothing seemed to work. It looks like being a good Tennis player was always just out of reach.


Maybe you can relate. See if any of these sound familiar to you:


•      You have or are spending lots of money on private Tennis lessons but making slow progress.


•      You look around, and everyone makes it look so easy to Play Tennis – but it never works for you.


•      You want to have a great Tennis Serve. You’ve dreamed about it. Yet you always fall apart in a match situation and get frustrated.


• You like your tennis coach. But they talk a lot, you sometimes feel like you have too much to remember, you can't put it all together in one sequence, and secretly you struggle to listen to your coach. You are just not a natural listener!


If you can agree to any of the above points, then I have some excellent news… Now you too can play great Tennis like me– guaranteed!

I had the same issues way back when I was a teenager playing some pretty lousy Tennis.

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In 1996, I read a book called the Inner Game of Tennis. In the book, the author, who was a tennis coach, got his player to watch themselves play a stroke through a window. The power of visualisation is enormous!

The player instantly improved their stroke.

This got me thinking, so the next time I went to the Tennis Club, I brought my uncle's Video Camera (remember them?) and filmed my serve.

When I got home, I watched the tape, and Instantly, I could see what was going on. I watched it for ages. I then got some of my old tennis textbooks and looked at what I should be doing.

Bang! It was clear as day what I needed to do.

I hit the courts the following day with a clear purpose and goal.

And never looked back!

I sit here now as a highly successful Tennis Coach. My Tennis coaching journey started that summer's day in 1996 with a video camera and an old tennis textbook.

That’s when I started using Tennis Video Analysis! And since then, I have helped thousands of players develop their tennis games.

It is a quick and easy way to better technique. No prior experience, skills or knowledge is required. All you need is a smartphone.

You can film your stroke and send it to a Tennis coach like me to help you improve your game. You don’t need any dusty old textbooks!

With the power of the internet, I can now offer my video analysis to anyone, anywhere in the world!



•      You’ll discover a surprisingly simple way to improve your technique is by watching yourself play. I use Dartfish, which is the worlds leading Tennis Video Analysis Software.

•      You’ll find out what the pros know about getting more spin or power– you don’t want to miss out on these insider secrets! You can see comparisons to a world tennis pro and also have a coach video demonstration sent back to you. You can even Download our Pro Forehand Guide for Free Here

•      You’ll learn a surefire way to win more tennis matches. Using slow motion, text and graphic overlays, you can make just one small change and have a more effective Tennis shot.


And much, much more. Once you start using Tennis Video Analysis, you, too, will finally begin to generate the spin or power your desire!


But don’t take my word for it. See what people around the globe are saying about Tennis. Video Analysis:


Video analysis is a proven teaching and learning tool for coaches and players. Video is objective and lets coaches document a player’s progress over time. Remote coaching has recently become more relevant, so adopting the use of video is almost a necessity.


PS - You can get a sneak peek of my analysis below. I break down the secrets to the Novak Djokovic Forehand

Written by Steve Whelan

Steve has developed thousands of tennis players and tennis coaches over the past twenty years as a coach and educator.

Steve has over 20 million social media views in 2022 alone.

Read About Steve's amazing career here

Contact Steve direct at or

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