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The 5 Pieces of Tennis Gear Every Beginner Needs

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Tennis is an excellent sport for all ages, and beginner tennis players can start with just a few pieces of tennis gear. Here are the five essential items every beginner tennis player needs before you step onto a Tennis Court:

1. Tennis Rackets

There's no question that tennis is an excellent workout for the body and mind. But before you can start playing tennis, you need the right gear. Tennis racquets come in various materials, sizes, and weights, which are essential to know what's right for you.

How heavy should beginners' tennis racket be?

In racket terms, a racket should be lightweight, which means between 240g-275g. This makes it easy to move through the air with little effort. Beginners won't have the technique or timing of an experienced player and, therefore, should look for a lighter racquet.

How big should the head of a beginner's tennis racket be?

The more oversized head offers a more significant sweet spot and aids in ensuring a more responsive touch with the ball, even if it isn't struck dead centre in the middle of the strings.

It is common for a beginning racket to have a somewhat oversized head (102-110 square inches) versus a more advanced mid-size racket head (95-100 square inches).

Here are my top picks for a beginner tennis player:

  • Babolat Evoke 105 racket

  • Tecnifibre T-Fit 275 racket

  • Head TI S6 racket

If you need a Tennis bag to keep them clean, safe and easy to transport, I would highly recommend:

  • Head Backpack

  • Wilson Tennis Bag

  • Babolat Backpack

2. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are an essential part of tennis apparel, and for a good reason. They must fit well, support players' feet, and be easy to put on.

Tennis shoes are an everyday item that is often forgotten. Wearing the right pair may be the key to victory and defeat, thanks to more ankle support and grip than conventional trainers.

A firm sole and a well-built upper are the most critical components of any great pair of tennis shoes. The sole should have some give than a traditional trainer but will often be heavier than conventional trainers with more significant heels, toes, and outer materials.

The upper must be breathable, lightweight, and supportive enough to support the shoe throughout wear.

You need the proper shoes if you want to play tennis, which is an explosive sport of movement with rapid rotations, acceleration, and deceleration. You also want to avoid the dreaded Tennis blisters!

Additionally, they need to be kept clean and free from dirt or grit. When choosing tennis shoes, make sure to take these factors into account. Additionally, select a colour that will match your tennis clothes and accessories, if any. Tennis shoes are an essential part of tennis apparel for tennis players, so choose the right ones for your play.

  • adidas Men's Game court 2 M Tennis Shoes

  • HEAD Men's Sprint Team 3.5 Bkbk Tennis Shoe

  • Joma Men's Serie Set Tennis Shoe

  • ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 7 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

  • HEAD Revolt Court Women, Women's Tennis Shoes

  • ASICS Gel Resolution 6

3. Tennis Balls

Tennis is a great sport for beginners, and the best way to learn is by playing tennis. However, tennis can be difficult without the balls. Make sure to buy new tennis balls to save money on your tennis gear.

Tennis balls also need to be durable and have a smooth surface so they can travel easily through the air. Choosing tennis balls that are the right size for your playing level is also essential.

What's an inside a tennis ball? They may seem the same – spherical, golden, and yellow or green – but in reality, greater diversity has never been accessible. The distinctions might seem enormous depending on the surface you're playing on.

The complexities of a tennis ball add up, and it's incredible how much better a high-quality ball feels than a bad one, based on the weight, bounce, and thickness of the felt. So, instead of giving your dog fluffed-up old tennis balls, grab an upgrade with one of the most incredible tennis balls.

  • HEAD Radical Tennis Balls

  • Slazenger WIMBLEDON Tennis Ball

  • Babolat Championship Tennis Balls

4. Strings

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of equipment. From shoes to racquetsIt'sballs, tennis players need a lot of gear to play their best. But one of the essential pieces of gear is tennis strings. Makeit'se to get quality strings that will last longer and provide good performance. It's also necessary to replace your tennis strings regularly to keep them in good shape. Different tennis strings exist, so it's essential to find the right ones for your playing style.

Strings can be science with many variables, and I will write a full in-depth blog on strings soon. In the meantime, here are my top picks for a beginner. I would pick a soft nylon string over a stiff polyester string, and the soft nylon will give you more feel and control. The polyester will generate more power, but you probably don't have the swing style to control that power.

  • Wilson Sensation Tennis Racket Stit's

  • Wilson NXT Tennis Racket String

  • Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String

You can get your racket restrung at various tensions, and tension plays a role. You may go up and down throughout the following few restings to get a notion of what works for you, so I'd check your racket and utilize the suggestion tension. The lower the tension, the more power. The higher the tension, the more control, in theory. The ball stays on the racquet longer at low tension; this creates a trampoline effect. The stiffer the stings, the less time the tennis ball stays on the racquet.

So get out there and start playing tennis with the best gear possible!

5. Tennis Racket Grips

Tennis racket grips are one of the essential tennis equipment for beginner players. A good grip will ensure a good grip on the racket, which will help you hit the ball more accurately. There are a variety of grip sizes to choose from, and it's essential to find one that is comfortable and fits well in your hand. Keeping tennis racket grips clean is also necessary to avoid developing tennis elbow or other tennis injuries. Make sure to replace tennis racket grips every three months to keep them in good working condition.

Grip or overgrip? I like using an overgrip; they are cheap, replaced quickly and efficiently and can boost a smaller racket grip if needed.

  • Babolat Overgrip

  • Head Overgrip

  • Alien Overgrip


Look after your skin with good quality sunscreen, sunglasses and a water bottle.


Tennis is excellent for all ages and fitness levels, and beginner tennis players need to equip themselves with the right gear. In this blog, we have outlined the different pieces of tennis gear that every beginner needs. From tennis shoes to tennis balls, ensure you have everything you need to start playing tennis. You can even go all in and get accessories such as a headband, visor, wristbands, and vibration dampeners.

Written by Steve Whelan

Steve has developed thousands of tennis players and tennis coaches over the past twenty years as a coach and educator.

Steve has over 20 million social media views in 2022 alone.

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