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Have you ever stood on a doubles court, confused about positioning, unsure about which shot to take, or felt the creeping doubt that comes with a high-pressure serve?


"Unlocking Doubles Mastery" is more than just a tennis guide; it’s a transformative journey into the heart of the game. Dive deep into the 'constraint-led approach', a groundbreaking method that evolves traditional coaching into a dynamic, player-centric experience.


Through this technique, you'll:


  • Discover Why Position Matters: Break free from the traditional and understand the whys of every move you make.
  • Master Territory Control: Erase confusion and gain clarity on who covers what – no more "yours or mine" moments.
  • Conquer The Serve: Transform pressure, stress, and anxiety into powerful serves that leave your opponents dazed.
  • Navigate Net Play: From volleys to drop shots, understand your role at the net and how to execute with precision.


Crafted with real-world insights and actionable strategies, Stephen Whelan takes you step-by-step, demystifying doubles and arming you with tactics to outplay, outwit, and outlast your competition. Whether you're aiming to dominate club tournaments or elevate your friendly matches, this book is your blueprint to doubles success.


Isn't it time you played the best doubles of your life? Dive in and reshape your game!

Mastering Doubles

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