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Develop More & Better Tennis Players Today

Limited Time Only

"Want more Relaxed, Confident and Happy Tennis Players?"

Download This Free PDF that will 

✅ Get players to set PROCESS goals ie How they play and less on the OUTCOME, the result 

✅ Players focus on things they can control such as Head, Heart and Atheltic Skills - This gives players Confidence 

✅ Players can add their own goals - This gives the players Responsibility and Accountability  


✅ Players can achieve success and grow in confidence despite the outcome 

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Meet Your Coach, Steve Whelan


Steve is a  Lawn Tennis Association Performance Coach and Coach Education Tutor and has worked with players from beginners to performance level. 


For the past twenty years, Steve has been helping players unlock their potential, achieve success and create a tennis journey they’re genuinely proud of.


In this FREE download,  Steve will guide you through the proven ways to build your player's confidence... without hitting a single ball with you.


Steves's coaching has helped hundreds of players and coaches worldwide, and you can benefit from the goal sheet today. 

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